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Adelaide business consultants and coaches: Straight Talk – host peer to peer executive board mastermind meetings, as the Regional Director of The Alpha Group

This highly regarded international executive Adelaide Mastermind group provides the unique forum for an exchange of skills, experience, recommendations and know-how from members.

Membership is application based, and for businesses genuinely seeking explosive growth.

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“The Alpha Group promises to double the value of your business within 2-3 years and hasn’t failed yet!”

Geoff RichmondDirector - The Alpha Group - Australia
Adelaide Mastermind - The Alpha Group

The Alpha Group

Enjoy support to help develop and crystallise your company vision, mission and action plan.

The Alpha Group is an specialised Adelaide Mastermind format, of a peer-to-peer executive board targeted at business owners and managers helping them to double the value of their business and dominate their market place within only a few years.

The Alpha Group provides a trusted, confidential environment for SMEs CEOs/Managing Directors/Senior Executives to overcome strategic barriers, test new plans and decisions and build leadership skills.

By inspiring better leaders, The Alpha Group is creating business success.

If you are serious about dominating your market and tripling your value in two to three years, The Alpha Group is the right place for you.

The Alpha Group brings together groups of dynamic entrepreneurs and directors who are ready to take their business to the next level of success. Through the sharing of experiences, and in depth analysis of business situations, the face-to-face monthly board meetings provide guidance, and motivation to members.

Working through scenarios with other talented, local business entrepreneurs, this provides a cost-effective, proven method of achieving business and personal goals. Your Adelaide Alpha Group motivates its members to perform a deeper understanding of their vision, gain clarity, and focus on long-term strategy.